Redding bookkeeping services

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Redding bookkeeping services

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Bank and Credit Card Account Reconciliation

Due to uncleared transactions, bank account balances and bookkeeping balances don’t always match. Relying on your bank balance alone could cause overspending, overdraft fees, and over limit fees. Timely reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts will provide you with a clear picture of your financial status.

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Financial Reporting

We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting. Profit and loss statements give you an accurate representation of your revenues, relevant costs, and expenses, which can help you make important financial decisions as an owner or manager. We can also provide you with balance sheets and cash flow statements.

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Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Invoicing

We can provide up to date accounts payable and receivable reports. Current reports provide you with the information you need to pay your bills, forecast your income, and collect past due amounts in a timely manner. We can also invoice your customers on your behalf so that you can focus on your other business tasks. Our prompt invoicing allows your customers to pay you promptly.

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Financial Analysis and Consulting

Consulting services can create fast results and bring instant benefits to small businesses. Our services help organizations outline strategies, implement changes, and mange more efficiently. We work with you to maximize productivity, reduce unnecessary cost, and make your life easier. Additionally, we have extensive experience in setting up internal controls that can greatly help you recognize and reduce shrinkage, embezzlement, and fraud.

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Account Cleanup and QuickBooks Setup

We have helped multiple companies rebuild their lost books, and stave off tax liens, due to fires and other tragedies. If you need your books reconstructed, or need your books cleaned up, we can help. If you need help setting up QuickBooks or upgrading to a newer version, we are also glad to assist you.

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Sales Tax Filing

We offer sales tax return preparation and filing services. Whether you are a multi-state corporation, an online retailer, or a single location business, we can handle your state and local sales and use tax returns and filing for you.